Hello to all of you!

I think I have the best of both worlds (as they say), being born and raised in a small suburban town in the Ottawa Valley, Canada and then living my adult life in the city.  Thinking back to my childhood, I remember a very friendly and safe place to be.

From my house, I could see the serenity of an empty field; this served as a giant park in the summer and a skating rink in the winter.  There was enough space in my area that kids played sports games at the end of the street and did not go home until dark or unless called to lunch or dinner.  I was so close to nature – right out my back door. The air was clean and never smoggy, and I could literally sit in my front or backyard with the lights off and see the Milky Way at night.

My mother was a fantastic but simple cook and when we were finished one of her many splendid meals we could hardly move (especially Sunday dinner).  Nobody ever missed that (we all came home from doing whatever we did as kids) and made sure we were on time. Who wants to miss out on the most special meal of the week.  Maybe a roast with potatoes and vegetable sounds plain but its’ flavor never was.

Entering our house after school was almost always with the fresh aroma of homemade bread or preserves.  Thinking of it now, brings me back to that time and I can almost smell it.

Since I was 25 years old, I had a goal to write a book (at that time I didn’t know what I would write).  As time went on, the book turned into a cookbook that I now post the recipe and blog a little.  I love to cook so it only made sense to make it all or most about food.

I lived in my small town until I turned 21 when I moved to Toronto, Canada. I work for a Registered Education Savings Plan (investment company) where I have worked most of my adult life.  I am married with two children who are now 23 and 24 years old (a boy and a girl).  My husband’s name is Paul and you will see a video with him at one point or another showing off his smoked salmon.  My son’s name is Daniel and my daughter is Victoria.

I hope you enjoyed the short message about me.  I will post a picture here as soon as I decide on one appropriate for this as well as add more to it. Such as hobbies and interests.